Working and Teaching Beyond Conventional Wisdom:  Trained  in Hypnosis, Certified Professional Coach, Relationship Counselor, Addiction Recovery Coach, Grief Support and, a highly recognized intuitive.


     Prior to your appointment with Judy, it is a good idea to write down some notes about what you wish to discuss.  Your call may be about personal questions,  professional coaching, addictions or relationship issues.  This will allow you to be more focused, and make the most of your time.  First-time callers should plan to schedule a full hour.  Your appointment will be handled by phone.  If Judy is in your area and you are making an appointment to meet with her personally;  use this option to pay for your appointment. 

 30 MINUTE APPT.   $125

 60 MINUTE APPT.   $250

Just want to ask one question, don't need a full appointment?

     'Dear Judy:  I am sorry that it has taken me this long to write you a note to thank you for the wonderful, special weekend that you so generously provided for me.  I've hardly had a second to stop and reflect on it.  However, it was so very special and important to me.  How often can one take three days out of life and their daily routine and work one on one with such a gifted and spiritual person, such as you, to evaluate their life, their purpose and their future path. 

      I am  so blessed and  grateful to you for giving me  that experience and  for giving  me so much  of your time.  ...Thank you, Judy.  I can't thank you enough for all that you gave me.   It has changed me and, I pray, will continue to change me as I continue on my journey through life. life..." 


     "Dear Judy, How can I possibly say the right words for regaining my life?  Thank you seems very inadequate to express my gratitude for the extraordinary gift you have given me.  Honestly, I did not know there would be so much work involved and I thought I would have a lot of time on my hands during the three days.  Not so!

     Your work is so involved and so intense that I could scarcely get all my own assigned work done.  Even in the midst of all the tears, kicking and screaming you managed to make me laugh and stay in control as my life continued to unfold in front of me.  I had no idea there was so much stored desperation and  pain.  Never in my life have I felt so restored, so renewed and so free.  Yours is a special gift!  May you always know how deeply you are loved and appreciated.  You are such a gift to many, I am glad I found you in time."


Personal Intensive Sessions

     Personal Intensive Sessions  that require extended  time, and extensive work, will be by appointment only.  The cost will depend on the approximate number of days that will be necessary to accomplish your goals.  This will be determined in your initial work with Judy.  She facilitates family re-Integration of individuals who are involved in a program for addictions.  She works with the person of addiction and the other members of the family. 

      You should expect this type of work to be emotional, challenging, possibly painful and very tiresome.  Intensive work at this level is often difficult as you will be working at many levels, at any given time.  Any issues you are dealing with should be a part of this work!  No alcohol or non prescribed drugs are permitted during this process.  Your appointment may take place in Columbus, GA or if your situation necessitates, Judy can travel to your location.   If Judy travels to your area, there will be a cost per day plus expenses, payable in advance.  The fee will be discussed at the time your appointment is scheduled.   If Judy is lecturing in your area, and if you wish to schedule an intensive session while she is there;  this would help your overall cost, but make arrangements with her well in advance of the arrival date.

     If you are scheduling an intensive session with Judy, you will have discussed the cost.  The payment options below will allow you to make the payment.  If you have any questions, please email Judy right away.




$1,000 OPTION

"Dear Judy,

      You know me, I have always struggled with words and my thoughts now are no exception.  I don't really know where to begin.  When did I learn how to hold onto so much pain and suffering?  It seems to be the only thing I have ever known.  You taught me that I am a product of everything that has been around me, all of my life.  That alone is enough to make one sick.

      Not until I began this walk through the shadow of death did I find the courage to face myself and whatever it was that was dragging along with me.  In some ways I was ready to die, but in others it just felt like life is not yet over. I couldn't help but wonder where the 'good life' was.  To find out that I am truly in control of myself and my life was a real wake up call to me.  I thought it was the other way around.  Well, since you taught me how to turn the tide, that is all I am about now.  Where were you twenty years ago - guess I wouldn't have been ready then, huh?

       You gave me so much; you taught me so much and yet you keep reminding me that it is ME that has made the difference.  It is funny to say, but the air seems different; colors are much brighter; the love I feel is so expansive I feel like I will explode at times.  What was it you said?  "Rewrite my life and make room for the things I have been missing."  The fact that I am alive at all is testament to all the changes that have come about.

        This is not about saying thank you, there is no way I can do that.  While I do thank you from my very being, more than that, I just want to acknowledge this extraordinary gift you have of plugging people into themselves at their highest place.  I have worked hard to be where I am today, both the bad parts and now the good ones.  You are a credit to your gift and my life is blessed to have crossed your path.  While my family does not truly understand what has happened to me, they are all grateful for the new, healthier person that I am becoming.  Thank you, dear friend, may you be blessed as deeply as those of us that you continue to touch."   A grateful and blessed man

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     Although Judy works with very complex issues, her sensitive  understanding of people, coupled with a quick wit, allows her to work with you  from an approachable, and understanding perspective.  Judy is a dynamic motivational speaker; she is internationally recognized for her work in the Human Potential Movement.  Her work with you will empower you to be the best you can be.

     You might attend a seminar where Judy is speaking; you may join in a teleconference class, and learn how to recognize the imprinting of your life - ultimately taking back authority over your own destiny.  Perhaps you are working through an addictive process;  whatever brings you in contact with Judy it could be a day that will change your life forever.

   "Judy, we are continuously in awe of the ability and power that the DIVINE ONE has granted you!  We are so thankful that FATHER has blessed us with your gifts and made it possible for you to connect with our family; to help accelerate, enhance and strengthen our spiritual journey.  

   Your guidance and help along the way has been, and continues to be, invaluable to our awakening and finding our life's purpose.  Thanks for the great work you did with xxxx this week.  It is so exciting and fulfilling for me to observe the very positive changes that are occurring within her, and the rest of my family - because of the time spent with you. 

   Your influence on our lives is awesome, inspiring and uplifting.  We are forever grateful!"


 "..that we want to thank you for setting a great example for other email marketers. Congratulations"

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